Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Labor Day and Back to School

It's that time to plan for a rewarding and productive school year, Public, private, or homeschool, every family could use tips to help have the best yer possible.

School books, bags and sports equipment.

Set aside on place for organizing lunches, backpacks and other items the kids need to use daily. Whether it is a mud room at the back of the house or the front entryway, it is a place to organize.

Make use of baskets, peg racks, shelves or a deacon's bench, use what enhances your decor. Plan your organization needs and discuss it with the kids.

Put backpacks and other school items out the night before-to avoid chaos in the morning. Have the kids help make their lunches the night before or early morning.

Plan breakfast menus for a week to avoid further confusion.

Try to make the first week as smooth as possible and set the tone for a great year.


had a mud room at the back door where each child had a peg for his coat, two small, deep shelves under it for boots and the book bag went either on top of the shelf or hung over the coat. There was a parson' bench there where the seat lifted up for them to store mitts and hats or odds and ends like small balls and whatever little things they took to school with them to play with at recess.

You may not have a lot of room but try to set aside one area where all the outdoor clothing and boots etc can be kept then there is no hunting in the morning.