Monday, October 5, 2009

Scarecrow Time!!!!

PRIMITIVE SCARECROW See Photo for New Fabric for Shirt with Crows, Rusty Wire and Bells, No Crowz Sign OFG Team

Etsy shop of the week is: Pioneer Loft.

The item is described as: I made this scarecrow for a customer. It is smaller than my other one listed, but decided to post this for sale, but will make one like it when you purchase. It will NOT be exactly the same. The shirt will be out of the red & mustard flannel plaid that I've taken a picture of and added to the photo set. I'm in the midst of making this extra scarecrow, but since it's not done yet, I wanted to show you what the shirt will be made out of (I will photograph and replace this one with the exact one as soon as it is finished). Primitizing will definitely come out differently on each scarecrow, so even that part won't be exactly the same, but very close. Please allow three days for me to make and ship your scarecrow. I may have him done in less, but just in case I want to give myself plenty of time to make him for you.

Lots of primitizing to be just PERFECT for you! The approximate measurements are 13.5" tall, 12" wide from tip to tip on the sticks for arms, and 13" round in the body.

This sale does not include the berry pick shown, or anything other than the scarecrow and items attached thereto that are in the photos.

He looks perfect and would be simply fantastic as a centerpiece decoration throughout the entire fall season!

Hugs, Barb