Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother Day is Coming

Looking forward to Mother"s Day.

Three of my four children will be home for Mother's Day. The missing son is in the middle of finals and will be home the next week. Actually he is graduating from college.

Being a mother is the best and hardest, rewarding and heart breaking job I have ever had. I would do it allover again. I really like my kids.

Anyway, I know that this Sunday I will give my mother, who is the best, some extra attention. My mom showed me how to give unconditional love and also be tough enough when needed. She taught me how to be a mom through example.

When we went camping, she would color code our clothing so she would know quickly where we were and could do the headcount efficiently.

She taught me many little tricks of being a mom. She was a formidable foe in our water balloon fights, strict on curfews and forgiving when needed.

Thanks mom and Happy Mother's Day.